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Breast Cancer Prevention Tips

Despite all the 'noise' about breast cancer being one of the worst killers of women in the world today, it is annoying that most women still do not take active steps towards protecting themselves from this dreaded condition. Although, the increasing prevalence of breast cancer and perhaps other cancerous conditions has been linked to environmental factors such as the increasing levels of radiation and chemicals released into the air,

water, soil and food that we consume in the civilized world; or to genetic and hereditary factors, the role of other self imposed factors cannot be ignored.

There are a lot of things every woman can do individually or collectively, to prevent breast cancer. Poor lifestyle choices, such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, lack of exercise or ingestion or hormone mimicking medications, all play crucial roles in the cause of breast cancer and any attempt at preventing this disease should begin from here.

A simple positive and optimistic attitude has been shown to reduce the risk of cancer. This will sound amazing to many people; however, it will suffice to explain that several medical studies have demonstrated the link between a positive attitude and an improved immune system. Laughter and humor has been shown to enhance the body's immunity and prevents against cancer and other diseases. READ FURTHER>>>

Metastatic Breast Cancer Treatment Options

Cancer is a disease that can affect any part of the body. Though it affects different areas, it has several characteristics that are common to all of the diseases. It starts with the occurrence of malignant cells in a specific area. It comes with several stages and as these stages advance, there is a high possibility that the malignant cells are going to spread to other parts.

In breast cancer, the disease can begin in any part of the breast. It can be on the milk duct lining or on the breast tissue. Either way, these malignant cells can multiply and spread not only on the entire breast area. The time that the cancer metastasizes, this is where secondary cancer comes in. Aside from the primary cancer, there is another form, one that has been an after-effect of the first one, only that it has advanced. Just like the primary cancer, it requires treatment in order to prevent it from causing further damage.It must work to completely control the cancer cells. The other one includes treatment for the other symptoms that might come with the cancer by reason of its advancement. READ FURTHER>>>